Full-Blood Wagyu and Registered Angus

Rooted Deep in Kentucky Heritage

The Cane Ridge Cattle Company is defined by excellence and rooted in heritage. The Clay Family legacy of cattle stewardship dates back to 1817 when Senator Henry Clay imported the first Herefords to the United States. Landon and Lavinia Clay continue this legacy of innovation and excellence that redefines the quality of beef.

Raising Champions

Registered Full-Blood Wagyu and Registered Angus cattle are raised with pride and care at the Cane Ridge Cattle farm. Through husbandry techniques and leveraging advancements in technology, Cane Ridge Cattle brings the world's best beef to Kentucky.

Taking Beef Beyond Prime

The Cane Ridge Cattle Beef is graded with a superior BMS scale using software and hardware imported from Japan. This eliminates human subjectivity and enables better breeding decisions that result in a consistent and higher quality product. CRC offers beef of exquisite flavor, tenderness, and health benefits unique to the breed and Cane Ridge Cattle genetics.